My Songs

Being a songwriter, I’ve collabed with talented creatives I’m happy to say are friends of mine outside of music. I love everyone single one of them and feel fortunate to work with them creatively.

A song is a story in itself and the challenge is telling the story in 3-5 minutes through lyric, melody and instrumentation. Sometimes I get in the mood to create on the piano. And when I do, I focus on melody first, add lyrics based on the feel of the melody, and then I walk away from it.

I listen to it again a few weeks later to see if it still resonates with me. Yet here is the rub – I don’t record any of it until I’m at this stage. In my warped mind, if I remember it organically, it’s worth recording.

I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS METHOD! Write down you stuff at every stage and I’ll try to do the same. Yet —- I can’t — escape —- my own self.

Whatever your songwriting approach, own it and be happy when you got something. Just be authentic. Let the song resonate in your soul.