Eastwind Books, Berkeley CA

I’m the director and writer for “And One”, a coming-of-age musical drama, a SAG feature film starring Filipino and BIPOC lead characters. We’re currently filming and can’t wait to show you all my Directorial Debut!

If you are a fan of the music of The Greatest Showman and the heartfelt tone of “A Walk to Remember” and “Love and Basketball”, I’m betting you’ll enjoy And One.

And One is loosely based on my experiences as a Filipino American father, basketball coach and community member. It’s a miracle when a film gets made, and And One is no exception. I’ve been fortunate the dominos have fallen our way. More info to follow!

My novel “Enlightenment: Book 1 of The Bathala Series” debuted in 2019, a 2020 Next Generation Book Awards Finalist in the Paranormal category.

Enlightenment introduces readers to a world of vampires weaves in Filipinx mythology. It’s my hope you, my dear reader, are open to my perspective on vampire lore.

Please checkout Enlightenment at your local library or purchase at any bookstore.