I’m the son of Filipino immigrant doctors who settled in Northern Michigan where I grew up. After graduating high school, I attend University of Michigan whee I received a B.A. In English. (1997).

As a writer, my first published work was in Breakwall, a Huron Shores Writing Institute collection of writings published in 1990.

I contributed a foreword entitled “End of the Innocence” in the non-fiction book Awakening: Becoming a Brain Tumor Thriver by Eric Galvez published in 2011.

In 2012, I was a semi-finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel contest for “A Forgotten Innocence,” a love story between high school sweethearts based in Alameda, California. This novel has yet to be published.

My debut novel “Enlightenment” is the first novel in The Bathala Series. This novel introduces readers to Filipino vampires and the forgotten legends of the Philippines through the first-person narratives of Dorothy and Adrian.

I have a couple screenplays drafted making their rounds in the industry with one being a musical! Keeping fingers crossed they get made!

As a songwriter, I got tunes with a few available commercially, performed by some talented vocalists. Other songs I have drafted on my piano and sit in my head. You can see my not recommended songwriting process under the My Songs Tab.

Outside of writing, I’m a high school basketball coach and try to school my three kids on the daily. I’m always successful. But then again, maybe they’re schooling me?

I shall now self reflect. Until next time I welcome you to Subscribe to my Author email list!



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