Since I was a kid, I read like a maniac. I read David Copperfield (not the magician!) by Charles Dickens over one summer when I was twelve years old. This is my tangible memory as a young reader because I struggled through this Dickens classic, but wanted to finish it, for reasons that now escape my adult mind.

To date, my most treasured print book is the Riverside Shakespeare Collection!

Through the years, I’ve continued my passion for reading while writing short stories privately.

As I’ve matured, there are certain writing guides I’ve incorporated internally. Otherwise, my writing isn’t authentic to my voice.

Rule 1: My protagonists are conscious of the Filipino experience.

They will most likely be of Filipino ancestry, but perhaps they are not. Regardless, my protagonists will respect Filipino history and culture.

Rule 2: My antagonists will aim to destroy the lives of my Filipino conscious protagonists. The antagonist in Enlightenment is unseen until later in the book. Or is he actually seen? Hmmmm…

Rule 3: A love story is the heart of my novels.

Every great tale has star-crossed lovers struggling to overcome adversity. This is the case in Enlightenment with Dorothy and Adrian.

Rule 4: My stories educate readers through the plot of a fictional tale.

I believe most writers are educators and I’m no exception. I’m particularly interested in increasing the consciousness of Filipinos on the history of their homeland, the Philippines. It’s quite a sordid tale, one which must be rehashed in different credible forms.

“Enlightenment” and The Bathala Series is a fictional young adult series that could be used by educators to reel in students about pre-Spanish Philippines.

Novels in the Works

Atonement – Book Two – editing

Urduja – Prequel – editing

To Keep a Promise – A high school sweetheart love story based in Alameda currently unpublished.


A Forgotten Innocence – completed, optioned.
90’s popstar biopic – completed.

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